Spiritual Counselling & Online Somatic Healing

Spiritual Counselling (Online and in-person)

The Truth is not ‘out there’, it’s within you. All the tools you need to heal and pursue your dreams already exist within you, they just need to be rediscovered. So, how do you go about connecting with your Truth? By reconnecting with your Self- the intuitive part of you that never steers you wrong. 

What’s holding you back from living a fulfilling and meaningful life?

Is it limiting belief systems? Things you were told as a kid? Pain in your body? Pain in your heart? Haunting by past traumas? Past regrets or resentments? Or is it still a mystery to you? Let’s go on a journey together to discover what life you are meant to be living and what’s preventing you from doing just that. 

Spiritual Counselling will help you discover your own ability to heal, and find answers to your most burning questions about what it means for you to be on this planet at this time. I want to help you to discover what brings you joy, and help you to remove the obstacles that are in the way of you living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Online Somatic Healing

Because I am only the facilitator, and you are the one doing the healing, I am able to provide online somatic sessions. Online, I guide you to release the emotions and traumas in your tissues by bringing you more in connection with and awareness of your physical body.