Clairvoyant Readings & Healings

A clairvoyant reading is a reading of the energies that are lit up in your space, giving you a spirit to spirit hello to allow you move them out. It is about validation of who you truly are, and being seen for that on a spirit level. Moving out energies that aren’t working, and giving you communication on what is, can help you to have clarity and to feel empowered in your ability to make the choices in your life that benefit you, moving you forward on your path. Releasing energies that are no longer serving you also allows you to align more deeply with your Self. 

Sometimes we operate off of other peoples’ information, making choices and decisions that don’t actually benefit us, but rather serve the purpose of appeasing others, or perhaps satisfy past-time survival, or even ancestral needs. There are a number of reasons that we do this, but the result is the same - an inability to discern what information is ours, and what is someone (or something) else's.

Offering communication on the energies that are yours and not yours not only helps you on a spirit level to clear them out - allowing you the space to not only see the answers that you seek - but also to be more yourself, and retrieve aspects of yourself that you previously discarded or cast away. 

A clairvoyant reading could be in the form of a general aura reading (what you’re dealing with in present-time), past life reading, relationship reading, pet reading, or even just looking at the energies of another topic or question that you might have. Some of the areas that we might explore could be your health, finances, career, family or relationships, or anything else that you might have a question about. Your session could also include an aura healing or a pet healing. 

I am not here to give you answers, but rather help you to sort through all the clutter and confusion so that your answers and direction becomes clear to you. As a spiritual counsellor, I will also help you to interpret the things that you are dealing with, and provide guidance on how to navigate them.