Somatic Bodywork

SomatoEmotional Release, Therapeutic Imagery & Dialogue, Spiritual Counselling and/or Shamanic Coaching

Using the body as a compass, somatic bodywork is a primarily hands on approach in which I guide you to connect with and release the energies of past traumas and emotions from the storage places in your body. In these sessions, I often use something called an energy cyst as an access point to help you to identify and release the physical imprint that is manifesting as chronic pain, tension, illness, emotional pain, and/or psychological disturbance as a result of the traumas stored in your body.

Trauma gets stored in the body when something, either physical or emotional, is either too overwhelming to process, or you don’t have the tools or support to navigate it. Because the body doesn’t know how else to dissipate the energy from the trauma, it tries to contain it and tuck it away in an attempt to protect you from the full impact so that you can continue to function in your life. 

Unfortunately, through this process, a restriction is created in your tissues that can result in compensation patterns that create chronic physical pain, tension and/or illness in the body. Also, because the trauma isn’t resolved through this process, the charge of the trauma remains active, impacting your mental health, spiritual wellness, and creates maladaptive coping mechanisms including restrictive or self protective patterns or belief systems. 

By releasing these restrictions, and in turn the embodied trauma and emotions, the body is free to return to its optimal level of function. Also, removing the charge from the past event enables you to navigate life with fewer triggers, less fear, reactiveness, and defensiveness. The process may also help you to reclaim lost aspects of your Self, which allows for more freedom of expression and improved clarity on what you want to create for yourself in your life and how to get there.

-In addition to SomatoEmotional Release, this type of session may also include therapeutic imagery & dialogue, energy work, shadow work, and may involve collaboration with your inner child. See also somatic healing.

*Not an RMT billable service