Therapeutic Imagery & Dialogue

A term used by Dr Upledger as part of the SomatoEmotional Release (SER) curriculum, therapeutic imagery and dialogue is the process of facilitating a person’s interaction with images (or could even be colours, sensations, or feelings) that come up during an SER session. What I have found in my work though, is that therapeutic imagery and dialogue could show up in any type of healing session, and I enjoy supporting people in exploring this tool in my healing sessions with them. 

The best way to explain the power of using therapeutic imagery and dialogue, is to acknowledge that we all have our own ways of looking at things.

When we see, sense or perceive things visually in our minds’ eye, or anyway else for that matter,  we are seeing, sensing, or perceiving things or imagery through a filter/lense of our own past experience. 

The responsibility in visualization work lies in not programming another with what I think something means. Dream work for example is often led astray by the idea that someone else's' interpretation of your dream/imagery is the truth, and not what the dream/image means to you, which could be completely different. My work is largely about empowering another that they know what their truth is, not me. Helping someone to interpret their own perceptions, their own images, allows that person to connect deeper to their own Truth and understanding of the issue at hand.