Shamanic Coaching

Drum Journeys, Shamanic Tools & Distinctions, Coaching

Let me take you on a journey! As a certified shamanic coach and practitioner, my goal is to help you to release limits and blocks that are in the way of you having the life that you dream. In these sessions, I often use drum journeys as a tool to support you in deep healing work. We will also work with shamanic coaching distinctions, as well as any other shamanic tools that may be required for your healing. I have been entrusted with these tools through the lineage in which they were derived, and I wield them with deep reverence to their origins and in Sacred Trust. 

A drum journey, and other shamanic healing and coaching techniques, can help you to connect and work with your animal guides, heal past trauma (from this and previous lifetimes), allow you to reclaim parts of yourself that you cast aside, and/or reconcile with others (regardless of whether they are still on this physical plane or not). Connecting to your power and healing and reclaiming aspects of your Self that were impacted by past experiences not only helps you to have more freedom of expression, but also improved clarity on what you want to create for yourself in your life and how to get to where you want to go. 

-This type of session may also include, therapeutic imagery & dialogue, energy work, spiritual counselling, somatic healing, shadow work, and may involve collaboration with your inner child.

*Not an RMT billable service